The Pros and Con of Reverse Osmosis

It terms of ways to purify drinking water in the home, a reverse osmosis system phoenix will remove both large and small particles through a series of filters. This method traps impurities that are either dissolved or suspended in the water supply. The result is pure drinking water directly from the tap. Once installed, the best reverse osmosis systems phoenix will eliminate the need for bottled water.

The Different Filters

Regular systems are comprised of four separate filters. The first is a sediment filter to trap large particles like rust. A secondary sediment filter with smaller pores traps smaller particles. An activated carbon filter is next. The purpose of this filter is to remove chemicals like chlorine from the water. This not only improves the condition and taste of the water, it also prevents these chemicals from degrading the reverse osmosis membrane. The final filter is the thin membrane in which the reverse process takes place.

The best reverse osmosis system phoenix will consist of two more steps. A second carbon filter is added to catch anything that passed through the membrane. The last step is an ultraviolet lamp that sterilizes any microbes that may still be in the water. These are optional and will elevate the drinking water to the purest possible condition.

The Key Component

Applied external pressure is the key to moving the water through each filter and past the semipermeable membrane where the reverse osmosis takes place. Water enters the unit and is exposed to high pressure to counteract the osmotic pressure that supports particles and bacteria. This pressure is also the cause of the one disadvantage to reverse osmosis systems phoenix. A lot of water is used in this process, most of which drains out as wastewater.

It raises the total demand for city water supplies and can be hard on the septic system. A unit that filters five gallons of water a day, for example, will discharge twenty to ninety gallons of water a day. The actual discharge amount will depend on the brand and efficiency of the system. Proper installation by experienced technicians also contributes to the gallons discharged daily.

The added water cost for the homeowner is minor compared to the cost of bottled water for the entire family. Getting pure water right from the tap is quick and easy, which may encourage the family to drink more water and lower consumption of juices and sodas. The return on the investment is still quite high.

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